Meet the Real

Lincoln Project

Democrat Front Group


While the bitter and failed grifters at The Lincoln Project claim to be principled conservatives who only oppose President Trump, the reality is that the group is nothing more than a Democrat front group to spend political capital against conservatives.


New Ad reveals the Real Lincoln Project

The Real Lincoln Project:

Nothing more than a get-rich-quick scheme to run ads for Democrats

Financial disclosures prove that 90% of the Lincoln Project’s donations go directly into their own pockets. The Lincoln Project is one of the least efficient ways for anti-Trumpers to spend their political dollars. 

Follow the Money

As the money has poured in, Democrat front group, The Lincoln Project, has unsurprisingly made the jump from opposing President Trump to opposing conservatives and supporting liberals in key races across the country.

Meet their Leadership

Bad Reputation

The Lincoln Project is run by Steve Schmidt, Stuart Stevens, John Weaver, Rick Wilson, George T. Conway III, and others… many of the same disgraced former Republican consultants who ran the failed John McCain’s Presidential campaign with their ”calamitous political judgement“ and the Mitt Romney’s campaigns with “real and material incompetence.” 


Steve Schmidt

John Weaver

Meet Rick Wilson:

Crass punchlines on Liberal news for ratings

Rick Wilson has openly wished for First Lady Melania Trump to “be infected” with deadly coronavirus. He has also called President Trump’s supporters illiterate while claiming the Republican base is full of “credulous Boomer rubes” who failed geography, maps, math, reading, and spelling.  

The Lincoln Project:

Nothing to do with principle, and only exists to attack conservatives and line the pockets of failed consultants.

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